365 Grateful: 04.23.2014

365 - 04-23-2014
Go ahead. Make a[n under]statement. I love this must-be-perfectly-delivered expression of disbelief with a touch of ennui and cynicism. In fact, I’m pretty much grateful to the popular culture that made it possible. Overused? Maybe. Getting old? Maybe. But sometimes, overused and old can’t keep a good sentiment down. No, really. Seriously.

365 Grateful: 04.22.2014

365 - 04-22-2014

You know what I noticed for the first time this year? The cheerful, busy sound of spring. Walking out with the dogs this morning, we were greeted with a cacophony of sound rather than the heavy silence of winter. Grateful that among those sweet and cheery songs were unique ones — shrill, rolling “churrrr” of a red-bellied woodpecker. Equally beautiful.

365 Grateful: 04.21.2014

365 - 04-201-2014

Splat Stan may only be a coaster, but the moment I laid eyes on him, I had to have him. Why? Because he makes me smile. Well, that and my somewhat offbeat sense of humor. After seriously serious and too quiet days at work without interaction, I need Splat Stan to restore my good humor. So I’m grateful for Splat Stan, although probably not as grateful as Charlie … And besides, there’s always Throwzini and the boys in case Splat Stan’s not up for the task.


365 Grateful: 04.20.2014

365 - 04-20-2014
Today, I noticed the hostas pushing through the dirt, the buds on the apple tree, the curious neon lime green of unfurling leaves, and the empty, barren deck. So we fixed the deck part. Oh, how grateful I am for furniture back on the deck. It entices me with the thought of books and soft breezes, sunbeams and restoration.

365 Grateful: 04.19.2014

365 - 04-19-2014

Grateful for artists who create thought-provoking images that reveal huge, awesome perspective switches in ways that make us smile, like Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell. My take: If we know where we’re not, then we have some inkling of where we want to be or have some sense of not being in the right place. Either one is a great place for diving into the deep end of the pool.

365 Grateful: 04.18.2014

365 - 04-18-2014

Ohhhh, Yellowstone. Such an awesome place. Yesterday, I felt like I was part of that frothing flow of water cascading down the mountain. Why? Because I was “in flow” — totally immersed in what I was doing with an energized focus — and enjoyment in the process. I’m grateful to know what that’s like.

Flow’s a positive psychology concept, courtesy of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. It’s completely focused motivation that represents perhaps the ultimate experience in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and learning.

Yeah. Did I mention I was grateful?