365 Grateful: 04.14.2014

365 - 04-14-2014

Grateful for being willing to do the inner work to look deeper, to chip away and find my authenticity. To the eye, these geodes were nothing more than roundish rocks. But when we got them to open up, there was so much more there. I realize I’m like a geode, you know. I can hide what I am and what I believe and the gifts I have or I can choose to do the work and crack open my authenticity to reveal sparkling crystals within. And that is what I choose. (OK, so maybe I helped the geodes with a chisel and a hammer, but I think they’re much more authentic now, with their riches made available for eyes to see.)

365 Grateful: 04.12.2014

365 - 04-12-2014

Grateful that, finally, there are signs of life in the garden. Here, the hellebore (Lenten Rose) has finally overcome its shyness. Running a close second are all the shrubs and grasses and trees, each with tiny little eruptions of green. Love this cycle.

365 Grateful: 04.11.2014

365 - 04-11-2014

Deep in thought, I leave the mall, wrestling with a decision about whether to move forward on a project. I get in my car, shake out the umbrella, and glance at the red sports car next to me. Yeah, beaming from the tinted windows like a neon beacon are the words: “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Heh. It’s even grammatically correct. Grateful for that message.

365 Grateful: 04.10.2014

365 - 04-10-2014

Sometimes I wish I could sleep like a dog sleeps, forgetting care and napping when tired. But as a human, I push through routine, schedules, and habits. Grateful for getting a good 8 hours’ sleep last night, for taking the next day off, and moving at whatever pace I choose — ALL.DAY.LONG.