365 Grateful: 07.26.2014

365 - 07-26-2014
“Let’s pick blueberries today,” I suggested to Charlie. And though we decided not to, we then found ourselves near the fruit farm. “Let’s just go see if they have any to buy,” we thought. And then we decided to pick ourselves. Lesson: go in the morning when it’s cooler. If you’re picking raspberries, wear long pants and long sleeves. We came away with a good mess of blueberries but the raspberries? Let’s just say we aren’t really very good at that one. Grateful for nature’s sweet bounty and for the farms that labor to produce it.

365 Grateful: 07.25.2014

365 - 07-25-2014
At first glance you see a table of jumbo-sized, colorful planters. It’s easy to miss the hind legs sticking out between those colorful plastic pots. The search for the front half was easy — on the other side — all of it sacked out for a nice nap. If you look for the curiosities of life, you’re more likely to find them. Grateful for whatever quirk causes me to see odd and unusual things.

365 Grateful: 07.24.2014

365 - 07-24-2014
Checking out the progress of our new house construction, I had to scramble over piles of dirt. There, at my feet, was a feather. “Hawk,” I thought at first, but now I’m thinking more like owl. Either way, I take this find as a sign that the neighbors — the ones out there in the trees, anyway — are watching, and waiting for our arrival. Grateful for interesting discoveries at my feet. Had I not been climbing piles of dirt, my eyes would never have strayed to my path and to the feather shed there. I would have been the poorer.

365 Grateful: 07.22.2014

365 - 07-22-2014
Close your eyes. Imagine sitting by a small pond, fed by a continuous cascade of water slipping down the rocks. You breathe in deeply — wildflowers share their fragrance, the herbs their savory goodness. You listen to the zzzzzipping of hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower and stopping to rest a moment on a branch.

Heaven, right? Grateful that my sister has created that kind of heaven in her backyard. I could sit there for hours.

365 Grateful: 07.20.2014

365 - 07-20-2014

High up in our tree sits a crow busily enjoying his apple, the harassment of smaller birds a mere annoyance. On the ground, a sleek, black companion keeps two rabbits company. From the neighbor’s chestnut tree comes a raucous caw. I think back to my drive up the hill — a full contingent (a murder of crows, that is) scattered at my approach.

It’s a crow portent, if I’ve ever seen one, so I will watch for new endeavors and strive to be my authentic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get self. Grateful for the message.