365 Grateful: 07.20.2014

365 - 07-20-2014

High up in our tree sits a crow busily enjoying his apple, the harassment of smaller birds a mere annoyance. On the ground, a sleek, black companion keeps two rabbits company. From the neighbor’s chestnut tree comes a raucous caw. I think back to my drive up the hill — a full contingent (a murder of crows, that is) scattered at my approach.

It’s a crow portent, if I’ve ever seen one, so I will watch for new endeavors and strive to be my authentic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get self. Grateful for the message.

365 Grateful: 07.18.2014

365 - 07-18-2014
Grateful for the opportunity to lend an ear, to offer support, to help others dig around to find the answers, changes, and paths that best suit. And then to discover a fortune that seems perfectly aligned. Now, that’s a quantum flirt!

365 Grateful: 07.17.2014

365 - 07-17-2014Grateful today for safe travels, for startling epiphanies about the natural process of withdrawing from the larger world, and for blue-true dreams of skies (to paraphrase ee cummings). Grateful for a homecoming that included such skies, along with the usual comforts of home.

365 Grateful: 07.16.2014

365 - 07-16-2014After two days of intense training and a third day of co-facilitating a group coaching session, my brain is usually done for the week. With unseasonably perfect weather in July in Washington, DC, THIS is how we spent our evening — outside, settled into comfortable outdoor seating, each of us buried in our books, companionable in our introverted reading. Grateful for the presence of like-minded friends who exert no expectation for chatter or activity but who are content to simply “be” together.

365 Grateful: 07.15.2014

365 - 07-15-2014When a 26-mile commute on the Beltway (Fairfax, Virginia, to Greenbelt, Maryland) takes 2 hours (and it’s not even peak rush hour, anyway), there’s madness afoot. So very, very grateful that I live where my commute to work takes a whopping 10 minutes, and that’s merely because of 25-mile per hour speed limits on residential streets with only a few cars around me.