Welcome! As an agelessGrace® educator, I help people of all ages — from kids through adults in every phase of life — develop “timeless fitness for the body and brain.” I lead groups and classes through regular sessions, work one-on-one with clients, and, yes, I spend 10 minutes a day in my own personal practice. It’s good for my brain and good for my body.

This program is a beautiful blend of 21 simple exercise tools that not strengthen, rekindle, and enhance neural pathways in the brain, but do that while strengthening and exercising the body, too. As a chair-based program, just about everyone can do it, too. After a typical 30-45-minute class, you’ll have laughed, you’ll be sweating a bit, and you’ll feel stretched out and more limber. Your brain will be firing more neurons, too!

Best of all, agelessGrace® does it all through playful activity that stimulates the brain’s ability to plan strategically, recall memory more easily, think analytical, develop and increase creativity and imagination, and fire up neurons through kinesthetic movement. 

From exercises that have you swimming in your chair or playing any instrument you choose to spelling in the air with arms, legs, knees (and maybe even belly-buttons), it promises to be a good, fun time.

Interested? Give me a call.